About This Passion Project

Originally written by J.E. Smith on a dare by his wife over 5-years ago, Anvaya Feats began as an untitled Fan Fiction for Harry Potter but quickly became a story that traced the lives of young people from around the world!

Throughout this labor of love, tales of struggles conveyed by the news and social media became the catalyst for new missions and challenges faced by the main characters of the story. 


After 5-years and over 400 thousand words, the author's wife, LaToya, convinced him to share his story with the world and to give his work a title, Anvaya Feats.

Today, LaToya works with her team of Creatives at 3S Tech & Talent LLC to apply a holistic approach to bring the Anvaya Feats story to young people everywhere, in hopes of elevating their voices, the issues that impact their lives and the causes they care about. 3S now offers Virtual Internship opportunities to young people with Disabilities, those from Disadvantaged backgrounds and individuals from other marginalized communities as part of the Anvaya Intern Program.

Our Mission

3S Tech & Talent is passionate about leveraging the power of storytelling and the Internet to connect young people in need and those wanting to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help young people find a safe platform to discuss the topics that matter most to them as well as access to key resources via nonprofits, support groups, and similarly minded organizations from around the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer our young people a safe virtual community where they can speak and be heard and gain the help needed to thrive and grow in their understanding of the world and steps that they can take for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Why

We believe that communicating, sharing stories and experiences, and connecting with others in a community will have a positive effect on those who may need healing, our society and the planet.